End of the Open Range

May 17, 2022

Millions of dollars were spent raising cattle by ranchers, including Theodore Roosevelt. The 1862 Homestead Act opened the range for farmers which conflicted with ranchers. Windmills, the steel plow and barbed wire, along with severe winters contributed to the demise of the open range. 

The Lost Dutch Oven Mine

May 10, 2022

Tom Scofield stumbled onto a deserted mine with rich ore and a Dutch oven filled with gold nuggets. He was so excited to spread the news he didn’t identify landmarks as he left. He spent years trying to locate the mine without success. He was contacted by many people hoping to find his mine.

Life on the Reservation

May 3, 2022

Freda Snell’s father was the Indian agent for the Northern Cheyenne and Sioux Indian Reservations. She grew up on the reservations as her father taught farming, canning, gardening and ranching. She met two Chiefs who were at the Custer Battle. The Indians were honest, hardworking, industrious and had a good life.

Doc Crumbine

April 26, 2022

He was Dodge City’s doctor. His projects included treating alcoholism in babies, milk to be served in sealed containers, laws regulating patent medicines and food.He waged a war on flies and typhoid. Had “Don’t spit on the Sidewalk” printed on sidewalk bricks to help prevent tuberculosis and promoted pasteurization of milk.

Doc Zahl

April 19, 2022

He and his brother learned to ride and shoot, in the Dakota Territory they began hunting buffalo. He was in the saloon when Wild Bill Hickok was killed. They were hired to rebury the soldiers who were killed with Custer at the Little Big Horn. He rescued Charles Russell and hunted with Theodore Roosevelt.

Buffalo Migration and Hunters

April 12, 2022

Buffalo migrated north in summer and south in winter from New Mexico to Central Canada. Native American hunters defended what they considered their hunting ground from other tribes. It was a rite of passage for a young Native American to kill a buffalo on another tribe's land.

John Muir in Alaska

April 5, 2022

He was eager to explore Glacier Bay, take notes and map the coastline 200 miles north. They pushed through ice floes in a dugout canoe. He explored Taylor Glacier, nearly falling to his death in a crevasse, but proved that the glacier was growing and later helped create Sequoia, Mount Rainier and Grand Canyon national parks.

Custer and the Black Hills

March 29, 2022

General George A. Custer led an expedition into the Black Hills as the government was trying to buy the land from the Sioux and move them to a reservation. Gold was discovered which led to the Black Hills gold rush.

Robert Kennecott

March 22, 2022

Hired by Western Union to prepare a telegraph route from Canada across Alaska in an attempt to connect with Europe across the Bering Strait. His crew worked mostly in the dark in sub-zero weather with little food, Kennecott died before learning that a cable had been laid across the Atlantic.

Eugene Blair

March 15, 2022

Outlaws learned to avoid any Wells Fargo stage that was guarded by expressman, Eugene Blair. He not only guarded express, he also tracked down outlaws and escorted prisoners. He was considered a man of "courage and prompt action."