Pasteur and Three-Fingered Jack

October 15, 2019

Two stories: Bitten by a rattle snake, Jack chopped off two fingers. He continued mining and made but lost a fortune. Willie Chamberlain was attacked by a rabid wolf, his only chance, go to Paris and seek treatment from Louis Pasteur. It worked.

Greyson Welsh

October 8, 2019

Left an orphan, he herded cattle, was attacked by Indians, fractured legs and nursed back to health by Indians, nearly starved and frozen to death, his crew successfully brought the herd in after a 6,000 mile journey.

Jeffords and Cochise

October 1, 2019

He was a blood brother to Cochise and considered the only honest Indian agent. As treaties were made and broken, both Jeffords and Cochise could see the end of Indian life as they knew it.

"Brazen Bill" Brazelton

September 24, 2019

He didn't swallow a wagon wheel but did single-handed rob stage coaches. He nearly got away by using disguises and putting horse shoes on backwards.

Sir St. George Gore

September 17, 2019

A hunting trip with twenty eight wagons, oxen and horses, a personal cook and three waiters. Nice tent with heating stoves, brass bed, bathtub, oak table, fine dinnerware, a French rug, and most important, a fur-seated commode.

John Butterfield

September 10, 2019

He organized the world’s longest transcontinental mail line. He bought horses, mules, wagons, hay and grain, way stations, dug wells, hired surveyors, drivers and blacksmiths. Mail was delivered in 25 days and linked East and West.

Mike Tovey

September 3, 2019

Shotgun messengers faced dangers, few took as many risks as Tovey. After 23 years guarding for Wells Fargo, being wounded twice, he was killed in the line of duty.

The Golden Tunnel

August 27, 2019

It began with "Buck" Rogers discovery of gold. The cursed treasure left a trail of dead men and is still there, perhaps being guarded by the dead miners whose remains are still there.

John Wesley Powell

August 20, 2019

He was a soldier, geologist, professor, scientist and explorer. Facing dangerous rapids, he floated the Green River in Wyoming down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon and after three months and 900 miles finished his first expedition.

Indian Traditions

August 13, 2019

Over 1300 native civilizations called North America their home. The Indians had a close spiritual understanding of the creation of the earth and a belief that they were put here by a “Creator”, "Great Spirit”, “Master of Life”, or Wakan Tanka.