Hats and Caps

April 6, 2021

John Stetson created the "Boss of the Plains." It kept the sun off your eyes and neck, could be a bucket, was customized by the owner and may cost two months wages. The "coonskin cap" was never worn by Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett or Lewis and Clark except on TV.

Frontier Teachers

March 30, 2021

Women proved to be the best teachers as new towns sprang up in the west. Despite limited supplies, school houses and poor pay, they helped with the westward expansion.

Native American Mothers

March 23, 2021

Sacred rituals before during and after childbirth was essential for the family. Some foods were taboo, they used herbs and teas to relieve pain and had their own version of disposable diapers. At least half their babies didn’t survive.

Mary Musgrove

March 16, 2021

The Pocahontas of Georgia, she helped General Oglethorpe establish the Colony of Georgia. As an interpreter she helped prevent war, supplied meat, bread and food for the colonists. Considered the most important figure in Georgia's colonial history.

Louise Siuwheem

March 9, 2021

She saved her Coeur d'Alene tribe from attacking enemies. Called "the spiritual directress, guardian angel of her tribe." She helped convert many of her tribe to Christianity and helped build the Citaldo Mission.

Bill Pickett

March 2, 2021

He invented the technique of bulldogging a steer by biting it's lip. He got the idea by watching bulldogs bite the lips of steers. He traveled the world with the 101 Ranch Wild West Show and amazed thousands. Will Rogers said, "Bill Pickett never had an enemy, even the steers wouldn’t hurt old Bill." 

Buffalo Shooters

February 23, 2021

In 1872 thousands of shooters killed thousands of buffalo. Shooters could be killed by range fires, gored or trampled by the buffalo, even freezing to death. By 1872 the vast herds were reduced to a few thousand.

Indian Buffalo Hunters

February 16, 2021

They used buffalo jumps, fire, deep snow and frozen rivers. With horses they were able to ride into the herd. Buffalo meant meat, robes, clothes, furniture, jewelry, artwork, cookware and bedding, nothing was wasted.

The American Buffalo

February 9, 2021

Buffalo hunters killed for their hides, but thousands died from lightening strikes, wild fires, disease and tornados. They got mired in mud bogs, quick sand, river bottoms and tar pits.

The Ghost Dance and the Battle of Wounded Knee

February 2, 2021

Sitting Bull and the Ghost Dance gave hope for a return to the old ways and eliminating the white man. Warriors and cavalry from the Little Big Horn were to meet again with tragic consequences.