The Mormon Exodus - Episode 2

July 14, 2019

Brigham Young organized the exodus in 1847. They came by ship, wagon trains and handcarts to settle in the Great Basin. Immigrants heading west were able to replenish supplies and worn out stock. 

The Mormon Exodus - Episode 1

July 9, 2019

Organized in 1830, the Mormon church claimed to have modern revelation, a prophet, and new scripture in the form of The Book of Mormon. These, along with the slavery issue and polygamy resulted in them being driven from Missouri and Illinois.

Lincoln, New Mexico

July 2, 2019

The most dangerous street in America known for the Lincoln County War with Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett. More than 50 lives ended due to accidents, revenge, violence and questionable frontier justice. 

Religion and Spirituality

June 25, 2019

Native American women played an important role in the spiritual ceremonies of the tribe. They saw the forces of creation and offered prayers of thanks for food, good health and protection.

Jackson Hole

June 18, 2019

A hundred miles in any direction made Jackson Hole the ideal place for a rendezvous where furs and supplies could be traded. Jim Bridger, John Colter, Thomas Fitzpatrick, Jedediah Smith, William Sublett are among the great explorers and trappers who spent time in Jackson Hole.

Edgar Rice Burroughs

June 11, 2019

Yes, he wrote Tarzan but he also served in Troop B, U.S. 7th Cavalry stationed in Arizona Territory and joined in the search for the Apache Kid. This experience helped as he wrote, “The War Chief” and “Apache Devil".

The Women of the Alamo

June 4, 2019

Amid the terror of gunfire, cannons, fighting and death during the Battle of the Alamo, there were women and children that survived. After the battle Santa Anna gave each two silver dollars, a blanket and released them.

The Kolb Brothers

May 28, 2019

They were among the first to float the Colorado through the Grand Canyon. They became famous for their photos showing the wonders of the Grand Canyon while guiding tourists on mules. 

Mental Illness

May 21, 2019

Many mentally ill people were imprisoned, beaten, tortured, shackled and exhibited for show.  Dorothea Dix dedicated herself for forty years to provide proper treatment and facilities and more accurate diagnosis for these misunderstood people.

Lost Treasure

May 14, 2019

Three Germans found the "Cement Mine" as did a lone prospector and a man named Whitman, all died and it remains lost. A lost Mexican girl and a wandering cowboy found sacks of gold nuggets, but it too remains hidden by the blowing sand in Death Valley. Lots of treasure is still there.