July 27, 2021

A favorite pastime, poker, dice, keno, faro, roulette, chuck-a-luck, dog and cock fights, horse racing and boxing. There were as many ways to gamble as there were to cheat and take a man's hard earned money.

Peg Leg Smith

July 20, 2021

He cut off his own leg after being shot, carved his own wooden leg and established Fort Smith. He sold goods to travelers, was a rugged, whiskey-drinking, storytelling, horse thieving rascal, but a famous man who helped establish the west.

The Scouts

July 13, 2021

Former trappers became scouts for the explorers, missionaries, surveyors, the army and wagon trains. Many were pathfinders who opened up the West, men like Jim Beckworth, Jim Baker, Jim Bridger, Tom Tobin and Kit Carson.

A Patriotic Program

July 6, 2021

Francis Scott Key witnessed the British bomb Fort McHenry. Despite direct hits, the huge torn and battered American flag survived, inspiring him to pen our National Anthem. Captain William Driver was the first to proclaim our flag as “Old Glory."

The Spaldings

June 29, 2021

Henry and Eliza opened the Lapwai Mission among the Nez Perce. They were welcomed, opened a school and provided medical treatment. Henry clashed with the Shamans, the Mountain men and the Nez Perce men as he tried to force them to work. They eventually moved to Oregon City, Oregon.

The Whitman Tragedy

June 22, 2021

The Whitmans and Spaldings wanted to convert the Indians. The influx of settlers and infectious diseases caused large numbers of Indians, especially children to die. Indians blamed the Whitmans resulting in the ambush and death of settlers including the Whitmans.

Oregon Trail Along the Snake River - Part 2

June 15, 2021

A veteran trapper guide was a great help. He knew where there was grass, water, wood, where to cross rivers and avoid hostiles. Fort Hall on the East was considered the most important post on the Snake River. Fort Boise on the West provided safety, grass, water and wood.

Oregon Trail Along the Snake River - Part 1

June 8, 2021

The Spauldings and Whitmans showed that a wheeled wagon could cross the country. Crossing the Snake River Plain was dry, dusty, with little food, grass was scarce, sharp rocks slashed the feet of the animals. Indians were friendly at first until they saw the destruction of the thousands of travelers.

The Lost Golden Lake

June 1, 2021

In a blinding blizzard Ashton Teeples stumbled onto a lake. In three days he panned $225,000 in gold nuggets. He survived attacks by two different outlaw bands, shot six times, rescued by Mexican sheepherders, his life was saved. He enjoyed his fortune, but the golden lake was never found again.

Bering Sea Whaler

May 25, 2021

In 1856 six year old Minnie and her mother Mary with her husband Captain Sam Lawrence boarded the whaling ship Addison. They spent the next four years in the Alaskan waters returning to Massachusetts with a full load of oil and baleen.