The Battle of Sugar Point

May 26, 2020

Thirty five Chippewa Indians held off several hundred troopers in the last conflict between Indians and white settlers in North America.


May 19, 2020

He fought in the Battle of the Little Big Horn and was accused of killing Custer, which he both denied and claimed. He bravely fought for his people and country, converted to Christianity but never lost his hatred for the whites.

Phillip Nolan - Horse Trader

May 12, 2020

In the 1790's there were thousands of wild horses in the Southwest. Nolan traded with Indians and drove herds to Eastern buyers. His final expedition ended with a bullet in his head from Spanish soldiers.

Death at Fort Walla Walla

May 5, 2020

When gambler A.J. Hunt shot Private Emit Miller, he faced the wrath of the entire 4th U.S. Cavalry. Under cover of darkness the troopers stormed the jail and escorted Hunt outside where his life came to a deadly end.

Arizona Charlie

April 28, 2020

He organized the first rodeo, set records in steer roping and joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. He traveled the world, met famous people, started his own wild west show and opened the Palace Grand Theatre in the Klondike.

Quanah Parker

April 21, 2020

With a white mother and Comanche father, he was born to greatness and excelled in both cultures. He was a Comanche Chief and remained warrior to the end.

Buffalo Drives

April 14, 2020

Before guns and horses, Indians learned how to kill buffalo. The buffalo caller and tribe members lured, then stampeded the herd over a cliff. Buffalo provided food, clothes, tools, bowstrings and pemmican.

Freighting to Deadwood

April 7, 2020

Charlie Zabel hauled clothing, food, tools and machinery across treacherous rivers, Indian country and outlaws. A fast rising river nearly drowned his oxen and threatened to destroy his six wagons.

LTC William Travis

March 31, 2020

Little is known of Travis at the Alamo and how he died, the best source is from Travis's slave, Joe. He said Travis climbed the rampart, was shot and killed. A Mexican solder said, "The chief they called Travis died like a brave man."

Lawmen of the Old West

March 24, 2020

Most lawmen did their job with long hours and low pay while guarding the citizens. Some lawmen rode both sides of the law, Henry Plummer, Johnny Behan, Frank Dyer, Tom Horn, Ben Thompson and Henry Brown. Their careers ended at the end of a rope.