Alexander Mackenzie - Part One

July 9, 2024

In 1789 he set out to reach the Pacific by way of the great "River of the West" but failed. In 1793 he made a second attempt with ten men and a dog in a single canoe. Some of the rivers were impassable, but they portaged around the rapids. They crossed the continental divide, low on rations, they set out on foot to reach the Pacific.

Uncle Nick

July 2, 2024

His book, "The White Indian Boy," relates his experience of running away to live with Shoshone Chief Washakie. He witnessed a battle between the Shoshone and Crow tribes with many killed. He nearly had his leg amputated by the medicine man. He was a pony express rider, blacksmith, carpenter, rancher, prison guard, prison inmate, trader, trapper and "frontier doctor."

Millionaire Miners

June 25, 2024

Sometimes it was luck, others a knowledge of geology and some it was buying the right stock. Eilley Orum, the Queen of the Washoe made millions but died poor. Four Irishmen became the Kings of the Washoe, earning $138 million form two mines and millions more investing in the right stock. All four died wealthy leaving millions to family.

Dishonest Miners - Part 2

June 18, 2024

"High grading" was the practice of workers stealing a few pounds of high-grade ore to sell to crooked assayers. Professional gamblers rushed to each new strike to relieve the workers of the hard-earned money. Women were scarce on the mining frontier, but when they showed up, they were treated with extreme respect.

Dishonest Miners - Part 1

June 11, 2024

There was always a way to cheat potential buyers of a non-productive mine. From dishonest assayers, to salting a mine with gold or silver from another mine, to selling worthless stock. Some owners assessed the stockholders on played out mines that never produced.

Riverboat Gamblers

June 4, 2024

With more steamers on the rivers, it was the perfect place for professional gamblers. Unwary passengers with rolls of money were the perfect victims for the crooked gamblers. Cheaters were sometimes caught and kicked off by the captain. James Bowie caught a cheater, and with the use of the knife he was famous for, taught the crooks a lesson.

Tribal Gambling - Part Two

May 28, 2024

The games always involved gambling. How many arrows could be in the air at one time. Throwing a pole through a moving hoop. "Double ball" was played by the women as well as foot races. Husbands and wives could wager all their spouses belongings, sometimes losing it all, which could cause some serious discussions.

Tribal Gambling - Part One

May 21, 2024

Native Americans would gamble for religious purposes as well for entertainment. They could lose all their worldly goods with a roll of the dice, the guess of who holds a bean or a game called “ball play”, similar to lacrosse. Gambling between tribes has been going on for centuries before the white man showed up.

Beyond the Grave: Unsinkable Molly Brown

May 20, 2024

Molly Brown visits us from beyond the grave for a person-to-person interview. The Lady from Leadville, married Johnny Brown, became amazingly wealthy and traveled the world. She tells us of her experience on the Titanic. She always was there to help those in need.

Frontier Gambling

May 14, 2024

Almost everyone gambled in the old west, from kids to the old folks. Fortunes were won or lost with the toss of the dice or turn of a card. Gamblers could be found in large or small towns, mining camps, rail workers camps, anyplace where a few men wanted some excitement.