White Pass Trail

April 16, 2019

From Skagway, this 45 mile trail to the Klondike witnessed the worst inhumane treatment of horses, mules and oxen. Over 3000 horses packed supplies and miners to Lake Bennett before being abandoned to die.

Charles McKenzie

April 9, 2019

The Klondike was the "big stampede on 1897". Thousands left Dyea and Skagway to began the "big climb," 1000 feet up the Golden Staircase to the summit, some never made it, buried by an avalanche.

John M. Browning

April 2, 2019

The gun wizard made his first gun at age 13, invented the lever action, pump, gas operated machine gun, semi-automatic pistol, belt fed machine gun, 37 mm cannon, BAR and more.  He had 128 patents with guns considered mechanical engineering marvels.

Frank Hamer

March 26, 2019

Hamer was a Texas Ranger, expert rifleman, hunter and tracker. He engaged in 52 gun battles, put away 21 bad guys, trailed Bonnie and Clyde and was there when they met their fate.

Talking Mirrors

March 19, 2019

Communication was essential for military success. The heliograph, a device with moveable mirrors, was used on strategic mountain tops to help the Army follow the movements of Geronimo.

Frederic Remington

March 12, 2019

He captured the "real authentic" west with his paintings, illustrations and sculptures. He loved horses, dogs, good cigars, was well liked and could drink anyone under the table.

The Chisholm Trail

March 5, 2019

Millions of cattle were rounded up in Texas and driven as far as Montana, California and Missouri. Cowboys, Indians, stampedes and ticks carrying "Texas Fever" were all part of the challenge of getting to the end of the trail.

George Ruffner

February 26, 2019

Two young men headed West, they worked together learning how to be cowboys. They crossed paths many times, the last found them standing together on the gallows, one was to hang.

Bose Ikard

February 19, 2019

No longer a slave, he traveled West and became a trusted important partner in the Loving and Goodnight cattle business. He fought Indians, trailed herds, survived stampedes, raised a family and was honored in the the Texas Trail of Fame and Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Medicine Man

February 12, 2019

Well respected and wise, he would sing, chant and dance to invoke the "Great Spirit". Herbs, roots, and blossoms were used as well as sweat baths and cold plunges .