City of Rocks Robberies

October 20, 2020

The City of Rocks was feared due to Indian attacks and was a favorite place for robbers to hide and bury their loot. Some never returned; is the treasure still there waiting to be discovered?

States Names

October 13, 2020

Arizona, the Dakotas, Utah, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Idaho, California and Wyoming. How did they get their names? Some were Indian or Spanish names, others from the topography and others were named by Congress.

Maximilian's Gold

October 6, 2020

Bill Murdock and his gang agreed to guide ten heavily loaded wagons to San Antonio. It was discovered the wagons contained treasure. Murdock was the lone survivor after his gang robbed the wagons and were then killed by Indians. The treasure remains hidden.

Barkerville B.C.

September 29, 2020

Billy Barker was one of dozens of English sailors who jumped ship in search of gold. At the bottom of a fifty foot hole they struck gold and Barkerville became a boom town. Billy lost his fortune and died a poor man.

Blue Bucket Mine

September 22, 2020

A lost wagon train in Oregon sparked a gold rush. Three young men picked up some unusual looking pebbles in a creek, they carried them in a blue bucket back to the wagon train. Only later was it discovered to be gold.

The Sultana

September 15, 2020

The Mississippi River was the scene of many riverboat disasters including the worst maritime disaster in the United States. In 1865, the boilers exploded on the Sultana killing hundreds of recently released Civil War prisoners and passengers.


September 8, 2020

The scourge of the West, it attacked whole tribes and left few survivors. As trade increased so did the disease, as trappers, immigrants and Indians traded goods that were often infected.

Mat Nelson - Part 2

September 1, 2020

After the Figure Four, he became a Deputy U.S. Marshall. He tracked outlaws, horse and cattle thieves, put many behind bars including a notorious "Quail Netter".

Mat Nelson - Part 1

August 25, 2020

By age fifteen he could ride and rope with the best and survived his first cattle stampede. While working for the Figure Four he witnessed a deadly gun battle and had some fun with an Eastern greenhorn.

The Jackass Mail

August 18, 2020

The San Antonio to San Diego mail line was a true test for the passengers who didn't know if they would be in a stage or on a mule. Poor shelter and food and not knowing when or if they would arrive at their destination.