Cap Guns

September 21, 2021

Oh the good ole days when I rode the range with my trusty Mattel “Peacemaker” six shooter. Cap guns first appeared in the 1860's. Movies and TV from the forties through the sixties was the age of cap guns. We all wanted to be like Roy Rogers, Annie Oakley, Gene Autry. The Lone Ranger, Cisco Kid, Hopalong Cassidy were our heroes.

Harry Tracy

September 14, 2021

He started by stealing geese, but quickly moved on to house breaking, robbing saloons and stores, ending up in prison. He added murder to his list while escaping prison. He continued a life of crime until caught by a posse while hiding in a wheat field.

Mary Draper Ingles

September 7, 2021

Kidnapped by the Shawnee with her two sons. She escaped, traveled 500 to 600 miles, crossed 145 creeks and rivers, nearly froze, survived living on black walnuts, wild grapes, sassafras leaves, blackberries, even dead animals. After traveling 42 days she was reunited with her husband.

Old West Towns - Part 2

August 31, 2021

Despite the wind, droughts, flash floods, blizzards or fires the people found time for fun. Dances, sleigh rides, lectures, horse and foot races, but baseball was the favorite. Independence Day was a favorite, lots of food, fun and patriotic programs.

Old West Towns - Part 1

August 24, 2021

Early towns were in need of skilled cabinet makers, tailors, saddlers, shoemakers, doctors and teachers. They didn’t always get the best, but the good ones helped build the towns and the old west.

Snake River Gold

August 17, 2021

Gold may have been discovered in Idaho as early as 1853. Legend is a Nez Perce Indian woman led white men to the first discovery of gold that became the Oro Fino mines in North Idaho. More lesser known mines were found throughout Idaho.

Judges of the Old West

August 10, 2021

Judges could be threatened, intimidated, even killed. Court could be held in a saloon, pool halls or a tent. Some had limited knowledge of law and could be bribed or pocket fines. There were probably more honest judges than dishonest.

Law and Order

August 3, 2021

Vigilantes took care of lawbreakers until town Marshalls and county Sheriffs were hired. Desperate towns would even hire bad men. Duties could include health and fire inspector, bill collector, tax collector, street cleaner, even shooting unlicensed dogs.


July 27, 2021

A favorite pastime, poker, dice, keno, faro, roulette, chuck-a-luck, dog and cock fights, horse racing and boxing. There were as many ways to gamble as there were to cheat and take a man's hard earned money.

Peg Leg Smith

July 20, 2021

He cut off his own leg after being shot, carved his own wooden leg and established Fort Smith. He sold goods to travelers, was a rugged, whiskey-drinking, storytelling, horse thieving rascal, but a famous man who helped establish the west.